The Mechanical CPR machine – Autopulse Resuscitation system MCPR

What is Automated Mechanical CPR Machine?

The AutoPulse is an automated, portable, battery-powered cardiopulmonary resuscitation device created by Revivant and subsequently purchased and currently manufactured by ZOLL Medical Corporation. It is a chest compression device composed of a constricting band and half backboard that is intended to be used as an adjunct to CPR during advanced cardiac life support by professional health care providers. The AutoPulse uses a distributing band to deliver the chest compressions. In literature it is also known as LDB-CPR (Load Distributing Band-CPR). for more info

Rationale for the use of Mechanical CPR

Usually CPR is done by trained health care professionals. In many situations like emergency room and ambulances machanical CPR machine might be very usefull for long CPR.

MCPR on Manikins

Indication for mechanical CPR

  • CPR by rescue team in Ambulances
  • Cardiac arrest in Emergency room wich is more than 10 minutes
  • Prolonged CPR during cardiac arrest

Types of CPR Machine:

Types of CPR machine
CPR machine Types

Contraindications to use of the AutoPulse

  • Traumatic Arrest
  • Age <18
  • Patients weighing more than 130kg
  • Cardiac Arrest is considered a terminal event by the clinician
  • No Trained Staff Members present at the Cardiac Arrest
  • Known Advanced Care Directive that indicates no CPR in the event of Cardiac Arrest

Relative Contraindications

  1. End Tidal CO2 consistently <10
  2. >30mins Cardiac Arrest with Asystole
  3. Pregnancy and Cardiac Arrest
  4. Adult Patients weighing less than 45kg
  5. Staff Unfamiliarity

How to use Mechanical CPR machine

Life band
CPR life band placement
Mechanical CPR machine